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Could a spike in cancer cases in the Flint area be linked to the water crisis?



17 October 2022

A significant rise in cancer cases in the Flint area has residents and health officials asking questions.

People living there want to know if the spike is related to the water crisis. There is hope that a new study will soon be underway to look into a possible connection between lead in water and cancer.

“What I want to see is just make sure that if we have an issue that it’s addressed and prevented and proactive,” resident Arthur Woodson said. “I’m very concerned. My aunt passed away, she had five different cancers. My cousin passed away, she had three different cancers.”

Newly released data from the health department show that cancer rates in Flint are significantly higher than anywhere else in the state of Michigan.

“This is something that people are concerned about because they see their friends, their family members, their loved ones being diagnosed with cancer and it seems to be a lot more prevalent than you’d expect.” Kayleigh Blaney with the Genesee County Health Department said.

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