Flint, Michigan

Answering the Call

National Minority Quality Forum (NMQF) is committed to answering the call to translate data into action for the improvement of cancer health outcomes for minoritized communities. To that end, NMQF has partnered with industry leaders, community leaders, researchers, and health experts in Flint, Michigan, to bring a voice to the public health crisis that continues to plague the city. It is well known that Flint has experienced a harrowing water crisis in recent years. This climate injustice may be linked to other poor health outcomes, including cancer.

Doing Our Part

NMQF is passionate about bringing evidence-informed and evidence-based solutions to the communities who have been historically excluded from living their healthiest lives.

Stage 01

NMQF conducted a listening session on December 6, 2022 with community members to determine their top public health priorities, if cancer risk is on their radar, and how NMQF can best engage in a community-led partnership. Community members were candid in their need for access to nutrient-dense foods, overall health outcome improvements, and sustainable programs.

Stage 02

NMQF partnered with the Flint Community Cancer Consortium to convene local and national experts to determine a path forward for the investigation of a Flint, cancer cluster. The White House will also provide updated guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that will detail how cancer clusters are determined.

Stage 03

On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service (January 16, 2023), NMQF hosted a Flint Community Cancer Screening & Health Fair that provided support to the people of Flint. Activities included cancer screenings, mental health checks, vaccinations, entertainment and more. This event helped bring a national spotlight to the city of Flint and the ongoing disparities the city faces almost 10 years after the water crisis.

Stage 04

NMQF will work with its Center for Sustainable Health Care Quality and Equity to build robust programming that seeks to engage community members and clinicians in improving oncology health outcomes. The program will seek to institute sustained initiatives that bolster the resilience and health of the community writ large.


Our Flint Community Cancer Screening and Health Fair would not have been made possible without the support of our partners.


Fight Colorectal Cancer

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Flint Community Cancer Consortium

Hamilton Community Health Network

KaramanosCancer Institute | McLaren Flint

Michigan Cares

Michigan United

Hurley Medical Center

Saint Mark Community Outreach Center

Colorectal Cancer Alliance

American Cancer Society

Tigerlily Foundation

Nation Outside

Food Bank of Eastern Michigan

Become a Patient Navigator

If you live in or near Flint Michigan, feel free to share your stories and experiences to help others in your community.

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