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Recap: SurviveHer Pink Party on the Plaza in Harlem

Harlem, New York


18 October 2023

In the heart of Harlem, the SurviveHer Pink Party on the Plaza has become a beacon of hope and a wellspring of essential health information for the community.

Over the past two years, this vibrant event has drawn participation from more than 20 community organizations, noteworthy corporations, and influential brands. The driving force behind this event? A commitment to a health-driven mission – from enlightening health information sessions to engaging activities, from soul-stirring entertainment to the provision of free mammograms on-site via the innovative ScanVan.

This year marked a pivotal moment for National Minority Quality Forum’s (NMQF) Cancer Stage Shifting Initiative (CSSI). We were honored to be added to the roster of participants for SurviveHer’s Harlem Pink Party and to grace the pink plaza.

For those who had the chance to visit the CSSI booth, the experience was informative and empowering. Attendees were provided with detailed pamphlets and flyers on NMQF and CSSI, making clear the depth of our commitment to improving health outcomes for minoritized people. Delving deeper into the subjects of cancer and diabetes health, the CSSI team ensured that visitors left the booth better informed about these critical health issues. Additionally, tip sheets on healthy eating and stress management were handed out, underscoring the holistic approach CSSI takes when it comes to promoting health and well-being.

While words paint a picture of the event’s ambiance and significance, our gallery offers a visual dive into the day’s highlights. From smiles exchanged between community members to the vibrant displays of each booth, the gallery encapsulates the spirit of the SurviveHer Pink Party on the Plaza – which not only continued its legacy of fostering health awareness but also marked a significant collaboration with CSSI.

We eagerly look forward to seeing what next year brings for this impactful event.

View the highlights from this event in our gallery. 


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